August 09, 2015

Golf Apparel Meets Corporate America

Business golf is quickly becoming a popular corporate activity. It provides the opportunity for business associates to participate in low-impact, highly sociable activities that can foster bonds and business friendships. In 2012, more than 25 million people played golf, according to the National Golf Foundation. Many of those people were part of corporate golf leagues. 

Custom corporate golf shirts help distinguish one company or team from another. Every business should purchase custom golf shirts to promote team building and unity between individuals.

The Unified Feeling

 A business owner has many effective reasons to create branded golf apparel. The main reason is that branded golf apparel can entice prospective customers. Spectators may see the company logo on the golf apparel and decide to find out more about the establishment. Another reason that a business owner should create branded apparel is to boost employee morale. Employees love being a part of a team and working toward a common goal. The clothing would give them a sense of belonging and acceptance. 

 Creating custom golf wear can give corporate workers a unified feeling. They will feel as if they are part of an elaborate sporting organization that is both skilled and attractive. Spectators will enjoy watching the players in action as they sport their company gear. 

 Golf loving business owners should contact a reliable company that can design their custom golf shirts and give the business a good discount on a bulk order. Ideally, the company should have years of experience and a myriad of positive reviews from clients that have ordered clothing from it in the past.

 Creating the Best Branded Golf Apparel

 The first thing to remember when creating custom golf shirts is to keep the logo simple. The logo should be something uncomplicated that will embed itself into the mind of every person who attends the golfing event. The logo should be vibrant, and it should clearly represent the company’s brand. 

 The next tip for creating the custom shirts is to use color choices that are appealing and boost the mood of everyone involved. The business owner could decide on the color choices by conducting a survey and asking business associates and employees for their opinions.

 Purple is a color that has a tendency to boost mood and increase the fun factor. Yellow is a vibrant color that screams life and virility. Maroon and black are colors that express corporate elegance. Hunter green is a masculine color that signifies a person's desire for a win. The business owner can decide which colors fit the business theme and the overall desires of the people on the team. The company may want to offer the players a few choices from which they can choose their favorite arrangements. 

 Another useful tip for creating custom shirts is to have the logo embroidered instead of having it screen-printed. The main reason for selecting an embroidered logo is increased quality. Screen-printing can save companies money initially, but the need to replace the screen-printed shirts more often due to low quality will far out-weigh the initial expense. Embroidered logos will last longer, have a professional appearance, and your employees and customers will love them. Screen-printed logos may rub off quickly, but embroidered logos are threaded into the shirt's material. Finally, embroidered logos can stand extreme temperatures, whereas screen-printed logos tend to give way to heat from clothes dryers. Non-casual businesses will want to make embroidered logos their choice every time. 

 Lastly, creating custom embroidered golf shirts ensures that the logo's color does not get lost in the shirt's color. A certain amount of contrast must be evident to be effective. Businesses will want to ensure that the logo stands out distinctly against the rest of the garment.

 In Summary, premium embroidered fabrics will provide a high quality look, last longer, and protect employees from the elements. If you or your business are currently seeking a reputable custom shirt manufacturer, give us a call at 972-885-7253 or browse through our customizable golf shirts to begin the process now.



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