December 05, 2014

4 Things to Consider when Designing a Logo

One of the best tools that you can use to brand your company is a logo. This logo will be seen on your building, advertisements, custom logo shirts, and more. You need to create one that will match your company and boost your brand. As you work to create the perfect logo, consider the following 4 things:


Think about Apple or Nike. Both these companies use a very simple logo, but they are both extremely recognizable symbols. Most people would see the Nike swoosh and know exactly which company it belongs to. Try using a simple object with little to no words to create an easily recognizable logo.


Along with simplicity, you can create basic shapes. Use basic patterns, clean lines, symmetry, and recognizable shapes for a logo that will look aesthetically pleasing to your audience. For example, Target uses a simple circle surrounded by another circle and Mitsubishi's logo has 3 red diamonds that touch in the center. These simple designs have become easily recognizable throughout the world.


Color can be a huge part of branding. It can also elicit emotions. When we see reds, we think of passion and boldness. On the other hand, blue elicits calm and trustworthiness and green exemplifies and nature and peace. As you pick your colors, think about what it stands for and what it can mean for your business.


One of the most important things to consider when designing your logo is your target audience. Don't forget to research your audience and determine what designs would be the most effective for them. For example, if you're hoping to reach children, your logo should seem playful and fun. You can use focus groups to test your logo with a sample of your target audience.

Once you have your logo all picked out, you can create your custom logo shirts through a company like Logo Shirts Wholesale to help your business become a recognizable and trusted business in the community.



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