October 10, 2014

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Your Small Business

With the time, energy, money, and sweat put into your business, you want to make sure it'll be successful. Know the following mistakes that small business owners often make to help you avoid making the same mistakes that can hinder your progress:

1. Failure to Create a Budget

You need to set realistic financial goals by creating a budget for yourself. This should be part of your business plan. Refer to your budget often to help you manage cash flow, figure out employee bonuses, pay bills, and more. If possible, have a CPA help you.

2. Do Everything by Yourself

You need to rely on others to increase the speed and quality of the work. Delegating tasks can help increase your competitive edge, too.

3. Overdelegate Responsibilities

On the other hand, you need to be wary of overdelegating responsibilities. You should protect your interests by reviewing all financial transactions and communicating with staff to get updates on the various aspects of the business.

4. Put Personal Life on Hold

You may be tempted to focus too much on your business life. Balancing your personal life and business life can actually improve both areas of your life.

5. Neglect Marketing Strategy

You may be tempted to try various marketing strategies to find the one that works for you, but be consistent across all platforms so you have a clear message for your customers.

6. Undercharge for Products & Services

You may be tempted to offer sales and discounts to get business, but you should realize that when your product or services offer quality and convenience you can charge more. Set a price by reviewing your budget, but don't go too low.

7. Disregard Customer Service

One thing that can mean the difference between a good company and a great company is the customer service. Your service should be outstanding, so you can build customer loyalty.



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